Frequently asked questions

Who is responsible for cycling facilities in Mole Valley?

Surrey County Council’s Highways have the overall responsibility for managing the needs of all users of the public highway network in Mole Valley.
The Mole Valley Local Committee meets regularly to discuss significant highways issues that relate specifically to Mole Valley. These meetings are open to the public. Details of future meetings are on the SCC website or contact the Council Offices at Pippbrook in Dorking.

Who is responsible for cycle parking?

To discuss parking issues in our towns and villages please contact Mole Valley District Council.

To discuss cycle parking issues at rail stations get in contact with your local rail operator: South Western Railway, Southern and First Great Western.

Forum members have carried out surveys and submitted reports, and review any proposed improvements. Surrey County Council and Mole Valley District Council are also actively pursuing ideas.

If you have ideas on cycling issues in Mole Valley please contact us.

Who do I report potholes to?

To report potholes use the Fill That Hole website, the SCC online form or by phone on: 0300 200 1003

Try to give precise information about the location of the pothole so that it is easy to find. Wherever possible, provide:

  • its size - surface area and depth (or a close estimate);
  • the road name and a point of reference; for example, a house number, junction with another named road or other easily identifiable landmark.
Why should I join Mole Valley Cycling Forum?

It is only by continuing pressure on the authorities responsible for provision of cycle facilities that we will manage to make real improvements in conditions for cycling in Mole Valley. The more voices there are on the Forum, the easier it is to keep up the pressure. Details of the next meeting can be found on our Home page.