About us

Who are we?

We are a varied cross-section of Mole Valley residents linked by a desire to facilitate the use of bikes for recreation and as a means of transport. We have in the past been supported by officers from Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council, however at present we have no officer contact which makes it difficult to discuss issues concerning cyclists and pedestrians in the area. 
To aid in the running of the Forum, we have a Chair, a Treasurer and a Secretary, and of course a Constitution


What do we do?

Road Safety Issues

We pass details of specific problems - potholes, signing, cycle parking etc. to the Council for action. We also conduct independent studies of difficult junctions or routes and make proposals for improvement.

Cycle Provision Issues

We review Council proposals that have an effect on cycling and pedestrian interests. We also monitor larger planning applications to see if there are any cycling issues or opportunities to improve cycling facilities.

Encouraging Cycle Use

We encourage people to get on their bikes by organising family cycling events, and in the past participated in Mole Valley Cycle Days.


Why did we start?

We formed in 1996 as a cycling and pedestrian campaigning group as part of Local Agenda 21 in Mole Valley. Our more detailed aims are:

  • Promote sustainable transport by encouraging cycling and walking to reduce reliance on our cars.
  • Produce proposals for traffic management measures, cycle routes, and cycle facilities (e.g. cycle parking) for those travelling to work, school, shops and stations on bike or on foot.
  • Encourage and support community groups to produce ideas for their local area.
  • Work with the Local Authority to produce solutions to traffic issues.


What have we achieved?

Leatherhead Study

Our comprehensive review of cycling facilities in the Leatherhead Area produced in 2001 was accepted by Surrey County Council's Partnership Area Transport Subcommittee and adopted by Surrey County Council as a wish list for the provision of facilities in and around Leatherhead.

Dorking Study

Our review of cycling facilities in Dorking in 2000 was likewise adopted by Surrey County Council as a wish list for the provision of facilities in Dorking. From this came:

  • crossings on the eastern and northern arms of the Deepdene Roundabout, with a crossing on southern arm to follow
  • lights for north/south bound cyclists incorporated in the traffic lights at the Ashcombe Road/A24 junction.

Safe Routes to School

  • A crossing was put in at Flint Hill, Dorking, in part as a result of the efforts of one of our members, Claire Ede, founder of the Horsham Road Safe Routes to School initiative.
  • A cycle route from Brockham to Ashcombe School is in place.


  • Cycle route alongside the railway from Leatherhead station to north Leatherhead (2000).
  • Shared cycle/pedestrian path on the A243 Chessington Road (Kingston Road to the Star Public House) providing a useful link from North Leatherhead to the bridlepath along the north side of Ashtead Common (2001).
  • Cycle path/horse track from Givons Grove to Thorncroft Bridge and on to Leatherhead Leisure Centre (2002).

See also our page of current schemes.