Beating the Bounds East
Start Point: Leatherhead town centre
Distance: 36 miles
Shorter Ride: 14 miles

A circular route from Leatherhead town centre (location map), the outbound half roughly following the eastern border of Mole Valley. The ride takes in Ashtead Common, Headley, Betchworth, Leigh, Charlwood, Rusper, Capel, Newdigate, Brockham, and Dorking.

Abbreviations TL turn left TR Turn right SA Straight ahead SP signpost RB roundabout

Note Ride with care and courtesy to others - on shared paths and tracks, always give way to pedestrians.

Go up to the top of Leatherhead High Street. TL at traffic lights into Leret Way and the follow one way system, taking right hand lane. Under the railway bridge move to the left lane and follow the road round to the right. Take the centre lane on approach to the traffic lights and go SA into Station Approach. Go past the station entrance and join the shared cycle path alongside the railway.

TR at end of path and follow road to mini RB. Take the 2nd exit onto Kingston Road. After ½ mile, at RB fork right, past B & Q entrance. At top of hill take footpath (SP Ashtead Common) passing over M25. 10 yards after the second tunnel, TL onto footpath which leads up onto the Chessington Road.    (2m)

After ½ mile, just beyond a bus stop (and Thames Water's enclosure), TR into a short tarmac lane (SP Private Road). At Corp of London board fork L and follow the edge of Ashtead Common for 1 mile. Shortly after the path bends away from the fields there is a cross track with a sign for Chessington Countryside Walk and a cycle circuit. Disregard the arrows on the sign and TR. After ½ mile fork right (large pond on R just after the fork). Continue SA, ignoring side paths, reaching the railway crossing after ½ mile. Cross the railway (TAKE CARE) and follow Thames Down Link posts to Craddocks Avenue.    (5½m)

TL into Craddocks Avenue and then TR at main road, and 1st L into Farm Lane. Follow for 1½ miles, ignoring side roads, up to imposing Loretta Lodge gates. Fork L onto minor road. Go SA at next junction, under motorway and up hill to T junction. TL up past pub to Headley PO and Tearoom [Drinks].    (9m)

Continue on up to Headley Heath. (Highest point of ride).

[ For short ride, TR at Headley Heath (SP Leatherhead) and then 1st Left down to Mickleham. At T junction TR. At A24 cross (CARE) and follow cycle path for Leatherhead. ]

SA over Headley Heath for ¾mile to main road (Pebble Hill). TR and go DOWN STEEP HILL - CARE Go over level crossing and at RB with A25 go SA (SP Betchworth and Leigh).    (12m)

At next T junction TL and then first TR (blind corner) and continue on through village and over the R Mole (CARE single track bridge). After 1½ miles, TL at T junction, and go through Leigh. Continue on to Norwood Hill crossroads. SA for 1½ miles to Charlwood. TL onto cobble stone road and then second R into 1 way street and Half Moon Pub, Charlwood [possible lunch stop].    (19½m)

Follow 1 way street past Churchyard, back to cobblestones. TL and follow road past Gatwick Zoo and up hill. After 1½ miles TL at T junction, and after another 1 mile TL at T junction (SP Rusper).    (23m)

After ½ mile, on outskirts of Rusper, turn sharp R (SP Capel). Follow for 3½ miles ignoring side roads. When Main Road (A24) roundabout is reached, TR along pavement and then follow road into Capel centre. [Tea etc at Church on Sundays from 3pm]    (27½m)

Take road opposite The Crown pub (SP Newdigate) for 1¼ miles to T junction. TR (SP Newdigate) and after ¾ mile TL at next T junction. Go through Newdigate, past a road on L, and after 1m TL (just after Surrey Oaks pub). After 1 mile reach Shellwood Cross. TL (SP Brockham) and follow road (2½ miles) to Brockham.    (29½m)

TL at Brockham Green, and, after crossing stream, TR onto Bridleway over Golf Course. At the end of the Golf Course, join Club House road and go down hill to Main Road (A25) (CARE). TL onto pavement for 300 yards until railway reached. TR into Pixham Lane (Dismount if necessary). At A24 carefully cross to cycle path on western side and cycle north to Leatherhead.

The ride is covered by Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps 161 (London South), 146 (Dorking, Box Hill and Reigate) and 134 (Crawley and Horsham).

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