Little Villages Cycle Tour
Start Point: Brockham, Dorking or Reigate
Distance: 43km/27mi (plus 4km/2½mi to or from Dorking, 6km/3½mi to or from Reigate)
Shorter Ride: 25km/15½mi (plus 4km/2½mi to or from Dorking, 6km/3½mi to or from Reigate)
Route map

A pair of on-road cycle routes, visiting the villages of Brockham, Newdigate, Leigh, Capel and Rusper with activities including cricket matches, bowls and model flying, and refreshments at Brockham and Capel churches (activities and refreshments according to day and season - mainly summer Sundays). The route description below starts at Brockham; adjust as necessary for your chosen start point. The short route runs to Newdigate, where the longer extension starts, and then to Leigh and back to Brockham. For abbreviations see end of route description.

Start in Brockham by the church, at the junction of Wheelers Lane and Middle Street

Ride down Middle Street (towards River Mole) to junction with Tanners Hill, on left hand side at end of village green. TL and continue on Tanners Hill, Old School Lane and Bushbury Lane to second junction with Parkpale Lane on right hand side (A). Route to and from Dorking joins here - see end for details.    3km/2mi

Follow Bushbury Lane (which becomes Roothill Lane) until junction with Red Lane (B).    4km/2½mi

TR and continue to Scammells Corner and bear left to junction with Blackbrook Road (C).    5km/3mi

TL following signs for Newdigate and continue on Blackbrook Road/Henfold Lane for 6km/4mi. TR at junction of Village Street (D) into Newdigate.    11km/7mi

{On some days, 200m before junction relax and watch some cricket at Newdigate Cricket Club - cold drinks available - or take a short diversion and cycle south following Village Street and Rusper Road for about 2km. Just before Newhouse Farm take farm track on left hand side for 500m to watch Epsom Radio Flying Club's aircraft in flight.}

For Short Route continue on Village Street to church. {It may be possible to stop for refreshments at the church}. TL into Church Road. Continue for 400m and TR into Cudworth Lane. Follow around for 300m and bear left at gates into Burnt Oak Lane. Continue to junction with Partridge Lane (E). TL.    14km/9mi

Long Route rejoins here. Follow road for 3km until signpost for Surrey Cycleway at Broad Lane (F).    17km/10½mi (34km/21mi)

TR and follow Broad Lane, then Clayhill Road to junction with Newdigate Road. SA following Newdigate Road to junction with Bunce Common Road (G). TR.    20km/12½mi (37km/23mi)

{Cricket fans stop for more cricket and a cold drink at Leigh Cricket Club or continue around corner to the Seven Stars pub for lunch}

At Seven Stars pub TL into Tapners Road. Continue on Tapners Road for approx. 2km to junction with Wellhouse Road on left hand side. Route from Reigate joins here (H).    23km/14½mi (40km/25mi)

TL. Continue to junction with Wheelers Lane on right hand side. TR following Surrey Cycleway, into Brockham and junction with Middle Street.    25km/15½mi (43km/27mi)

{Possibly stop at Brockham Church Hall, on right hand side, for drinks, cakes and snacks}

For Long Route. In centre of Newdigate TR into Kingsland following signs to Capel. After 1.5km turn left into Misbrooks Green Road, signposted Capel. Follow road into Capel (J).    14km/9mi

{at junction stop for refreshments at Capel Church opposite}

TL into The Street and continue to RB. Keep to the left and take first exit, Rusper Road. If traffic is heavy on roundabout use pavement. Continue on Rusper Road to Liscombes Corner (K).    19km/12mi

TR into Friday Street and follow for 1.5km to junction with Green Lane on left hand side. TL and continue 2km to junction with Rusper Road. TL and continue to Rusper.    24km/15mi

At junction (L) TR into East Street. At sharp right hand corner bear left, signposted Ifield. Continue, keeping left at junctions until left turn into Langhurst Lane, signposted Newdigate (M).    26km/16mi

Follow Langhurst Lane into Orlton Lane and continue until junction (with Partridge Lane) (N).    28km/17½mi

Turn right, signposted Charlwood, and follow road for 4km until Cudworth Lane on left hand side (E).    31km/19½mi

For further route instructions return to short route above

Route from Dorking Station Along Station Approach to Deepdene Avenue (A24). Cycle on pavement (shared use, care passing driveways) to RB on A25. TL on pavement, cross at Toucan, continue in same direction on pavement to junction with Punchbowl Lane. TR and continue up and over the hill until Tilehurst Lane on LHS. TL and follow until junction with Parkpale Lane and TR to junction with Roothill Lane. TR.    4km/2½mi

Abbreviations TL turn left TR Turn right SA Straight ahead SP signpost RB roundabout

Note Ride with care and courtesy to others - on shared paths and tracks, always give way to pedestrians.

The ride is covered by Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps 146 (Dorking, Box Hill and Reigate) and 134 (Crawley and Horsham).

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