4.            Deepdene Roundabout to Dene Street


9. Exit from Pippbrook. Very difficult for cyclists particularly when turning right into High St.


Note: There is no pedestrian crossing between Deepdene roundabout and the Post Office in the town centre.



fig.11 Exit from Pippbrook, looking east.

Suggestion: Proposals for changes to junction of London Road and High Street should address the issue of crossing facilities, for both pedestrians and cyclists, at Leisure Centre and Pippbrook




10. London Road junction. Eastbound cyclists can be cut up by motorists turning left into London Road. Very difficult for pedestrians to cross the road, particularly between north and south sides of the High Street.



fig.12 Junction of London Road and High Street, north side, looking west.

Suggestion: No Right Turn for vehicles from eastbound carriageway into BP garage, plus single lane plus cycle lane configuration in both directions. Provide three way pedestrian crossings phased into lights.




11. High Street. Cars parked on south side restrict traffic flow and cause cyclists to get squeezed to left or right.



fig.13 Junction of London Road and High Street, south side, looking west.

Suggestion: Tighter parking restrictions between Wathen Road and Post Office. Re-align carriageway




12. Dene Street. Width of lower end of Dene Street and poor field of view means that if, as is frequently the case, vehicles travelling in opposite directions have to pass each other most motorists drive on the already narrow pavement, forcing pedestrians into doorways.



fig.14 Traffic (on both sides) passing using the pavement in Dene Street

Suggestion: One-way (southbound) vehicle access, with weight limit, plus counter-flow cycle lane could be provided. (One-way scheme proposal in Dorking plan but access for commercial vehicles to Dene Street and behind High Street needs to be revised).


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