5.            Dene Street to Pump Corner


13. Widening of High Street tends to encourage cars to accelerate. With vision restricted by cars parked either side of the entrance and directly adjacent, cars exiting Dene Street play 'call-my-bluff' with traffic on High Street deflecting attention of drivers from pedestrians/cyclists.


Suggestion: Clearer delineation of traffic flows. Introduce parking restrictions either side of entrance to Dene Street. Need for cycle lane definition.


14. Traffic turning into Mill Lane can cause problems for cyclists due to poor vehicle positioning. Parked vehicles restrict vision for motorists exiting Mill Lane. Adverse camber may also be exacerbating the situation.



fig.15 Traffic turning into Mill Lane from High Street

Suggestion: Consider carriageway re-alignment.


15. 'Fly' parking, particularly on Saturdays, causes difficulties for traffic and cyclists alike. Parking in or too near to bus bays means buses have to double park to load.


fig.16 Cars parked illegally outside Sainsburys

Suggestion: Enforcement of parking restrictions and clearer designation of bus bays.


16. Pedestrian crossing at Pump corner. Traffic turning right from West Street into South Street is forced to the RHS by parked cars and tends to squeeze cyclists. It is particularly difficult for westbound cyclists to merge into the right-hand lane in South Street. Pedestrians attempting to cross from corner of South/West Street have a particularly difficult time crossing between the South and North sides of the High Street.



fig.17 View through Pump Corner, looking south.


fig.18 Pump Corner exit, traffic squeezing left to pass parked cars on RHS

Suggestion: Crossing 'Stop Lights' re-positioned to stop eastbound vehicles in both West Street and North Street. Cyclists advanced stop line on both east and westbound carriageways. Westbound lights timed to allow cyclists (and westbound vehicles) to move before traffic exiting West Street. Ideally Pump corner should be a raised table traffic-calming feature.


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