Review of cycling and pedestrian facilities and safety in and around Dorking


January 2001
This review has been prepared on behalf of the Mole Valley Cycle Forum by a group of, predominantly, resident Dorking cyclists with the aim of highlighting features which deter cycling within and around the town centre. To facilitate the review a walkabout was completed on a Saturday afternoon in November, with photographs taken to illustrate the issues raised (some supplementary photos added later). The group has made suggestions and identified some small projects they felt would assist in improving safety and accessibility for cyclists in Dorking without reducing safety of pedestrians. Indeed, the group also felt it necessary to highlight some of the difficulties faced by pedestrians in the same area.

The focus of the review is predominantly Dorking town centre, although other key areas on the periphery of Dorking, notably the A24 Pixham Lane roundabout and the A24/A25 Deepdene roundabout are also evaluated. However the review is not intended as a comprehensive audit of Dorking's existing cycling infrastructure and facilities, nor did the group address projects that might fall within the Safe Routes to School' initiative.

In summary the group wishes to specifically highlight:

Despite the comparatively short duration of the walkabout, the group observed, considerable cycling activity and the challenges safely cycling in and around Dorking on an averagely busy Saturday afternoon were clearly apparent. Domination of road space by motorised vehicles requires cyclists to be ingenious, creative and often illegal in the choice of routes and parking, as highlighted in the photos.

Although there has been some investment in cycle facilities in recent years, increased traffic density and speeds has now compromised the effectiveness of such measures. The safety needs for cyclists and pedestrians within this changed environment is now such that existing provision is inadequate. If people are to be encouraged to cycle and walk for the shorter journeys into Dorking, increased commitment of resources into the design and provision of more effective facilities should now be a key priority.

John Meudell,
John Arnold,
Colin Brewer,
Clare Ede,
Deanna Bailey



1. Pixham Lane to Dorking Station

2. Dorking Station to Deepdene Roundabout

3. Deepdene Roundabout

4. Deepdene Roundabout to Dene Street

5. Dene Street to Pump Corner

6. Pump Corner to Horsham Road

7. Horsham Road to Westcott Road

8. Westcott Road to West Street

9. Cycle Parking

10.Appendix: Surrey Local Transport Plan