6.            Pump Corner to Horsham Road


17. Traffic exiting Rose Hill frequently reluctant to give way to pedestrians walking along south side of South Street. Difficult for traffic exiting Rose Hill to merge with traffic accelerating through blind corner from High Street into South Street.



fig.19 Junction of Rose Hill and South Street, looking east.

Suggestion: Put zebra crossing markings or similar to increase awareness that drivers should give way to pedestrians. Traffic calming measures at Pump Corner should extend well into South Street.


18. Vehicles occasionally enter slip roads for Butterhill and Victoria Terrace at high speed, with no regard for pedestrians.


fig.20 Rose Hill/Butterhill Junction. Note HGV adjacent to bus stop - buses obscure drivers view of pedestrians on LHS of crossing.

Suggestion: Restrict access by closing entrance. Access then at south end of Victoria Terrace, only, and exit at end of Butterhill. Alternatively, provide traffic calming


19. At Waitrose pedestrian crossing, the traffic on one way system frequently uses RHS of pedestrian crossing to bypass/overtake stationary vehicles on LHS. Cyclists taking RH side of carriageway on approach to Waitrose frequently cut up by vehicles bypassing waiting traffic or turning right into Junction Road.


fig.21 Vehicle using RH lane as overtaking lane at pedestrian crossing.

Suggestion: Reduce effective width of carriageway with a clear exit lane for traffic turning right into Junction Road.




20. Beyond Junction Road carriageway narrows rapidly and cyclists can get squeezed. Continuing in the direction of Ranmore and Westcott (and all points west!) cyclists have to circumnavigate the entire one way system.



fig.22 Road narrows from, effectively, four lane widths to one in short distance.

Suggestion: Provide a short section of counter-flow cycle lane on south side of West Street, between Junction Road and Station Road. Westcott/Ranmore bound cyclists diverted via Junction Road and cycle lane.


21. Remainder of South Street is narrow and potholed with many parked cars and cars manoeuvring in and out of parking bays and side roads.



Suggestion: Ensure remedial repairs completed.


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