7.            Horsham Road to Westcott Road


22. Recent re-profiling of the corner of South Street/Horsham Road means that cyclists on LH side of carriageway can be cut-up by motorists turning left. Similarly there is little protection from motorists for cyclists turning left. Motorists have been seen to mount pavement on LHS of bollard.


The markings on the road are considered very confusing at this junction



fig.23 Junction of South Street and Horsham Road, looking south.

Suggestion: Provide a cut through for cyclists, suitably blended to merge cyclists with carriageway on south side of corner. Check pedestrian safety measures.


23. At Horsham Road, where effective carriageway splits into two - LH in the direction of Falkland Road and Coldharbour, RH for Vincent Lane - traffic speed/density makes it difficult for cyclists to change lanes.


fig.24 Junction of Falkland Road and South Street.

Suggestion: Elevated Table traffic calming feature extending from 20m short of Horsham Road into Vincent Lane.



24. Vincent Lane has insufficient room for motorists to pass cyclists for almost its entire length. Sudden traffic direction changes caused by carriageway alignment features, on right at Norfolk Road, followed immediately by parked cars, on LHS, make life difficult for the cyclist, as do vehicle attempting to exit (blind) at Norfolk Road, Vincent Road and Arundel Road.



fig.25 Traffic on Vincent Lane, looking south.

Suggestion: Ban all parking in Vincent lane. Provide continuous single carriageway with continuous footpath on RHS and continuous cycle lane to RHS of vehicle carriageway. Vincent Lane householders provided with discs for free parking in industrial area opposite.

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