1.            Pixham Lane to Dorking Station


1.      Southbound from Leatherhead cycle path merges with footpath and narrows dramatically at blind left hand bend onto Pixham Lane crossing point. Crossing point is hidden to motorists on A24 by high wall. Inherent danger to pedestrians and cyclists.



fig.1: View of pedestrian at Pixham Lane crossing.


fig.2: Suggested route for cycle lane.

Suggestion: The pedestrian crossing point needs to be moved closer to the roundabout to improve visibility for both pedestrians and motorists. Separate crossing facilities should be provided for cyclists and pedestrians, see below.


An existing tarmac exit, some 50m before the roundabout, could be used as the start of a cycle lane adjacent to the A24 carriageway, continuing through the roundabout to the existing cycle lane, some 100m beyond the roundabout.




2.      Southbound from roundabout cyclists forced to stop before entering main carriageway (some 1m north of start of cycle lane!) at a point where traffic is accelerating away from roundabout.



fig.3: Existing cycle path and exit to A24 south of Pixham Lane.



Suggestion: As above, existing cycle path, currently on pavement for ca.80m south of roundabout, abandoned.





3.      Northbound. Combined cycle/footpath is very often blocked by second car waiting to leave Denbies estate. Northbound cyclists using main carriageway on approach to roundabout forced to swerve left and behind same cars to enter northbound cycle path



fig.4: Pixham Lane roundabout, suggested northbound alteration.

Suggestion: Split combined cycle/footpath some 30m south of the Denbies exit and cross road along or adjacent to give way line onto new cycle path entrance on north side, an entrance accessible to cyclists approaching from both pavement and main carriageway. Existing crossing point used for pedestrians and southbound cyclists only.

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