8.            Westcott Road to West Street


25. Junction Vincent Lane, Westcott Road and West Street. Vehicles in RH lane of Vincent Lane approach roundabout through blind corner and motorists have difficulty seeing pedestrians crossing from the eastern side to Westcott Road.

Note: Due to the volume and speed of traffic passing through this junction it is often difficult for pedestrians to cross at this junction. It is understood that there are plans to introduce extra traffic controls at this junction and these should consider the needs of pedestrians alike.



fig.26 Junction of Vincent Lane and Westcott Road, looking south.

Suggestion: Reduce traffic island and re-align RH lane.



26. West Street. Changing carriageway widths, occasionally extreme, cause motorists to attempt to bypass slow moving or stationary traffic. Pavements (exceptionally) narrow in places, forcing pedestrians to step into the road without warning. Vehicles frequently park on pavement.



fig.27 Junction of Station Road and West Street, looking east


fig.28 Traffic and parking in West Street

Suggestion: Re-align carriageway, reduce to a wide single line with parking bays and widen pavements.


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