2.            Dorking Station to Deepdene Roundabout

4.      Southbound cyclists required to stop at traffic light when only hazard would be traffic turning left into Station Approach, a junction 50m beyond the traffic lights. Unnecessary stop.



fig.5: Cycle lane through traffic lights at Ashcombe Road.

Suggestion:: Install cyclists' filter lane to allow cyclists to bypass lights.


5.      The junction of Ashcombe Road and the A24 poses problems for both north- and south-bound cyclists on the cycle path on the west side of the A24.


Northbound cyclists (and pedestrians) are at risk from cars turning left into Ashcombe Road, giving way only to traffic on Ashcombe Road, not to cyclists.


Southbound cyclists are faced with a blind junction on a narrow pavement shared with pedestrians.


fig.6:: Crossing point at Ashcombe Road traffic lights.



Suggestion:: Phased signals controlling the left turn into Ashcombe Road plus signals for cyclists and pedestrians.



6.      Cycle lane disappears just short of Deepdene Station with little indication of where the cycle path goes. Due to parked cars cyclists forced to swerve and slow out of a fast moving stream of traffic before mounting pavement.


Note also polished metal manhole covers protrude into cycle lane.


fig.7 Cycle lane on southbound approach to Deepdene Station

Suggestion: Deepen parking bay and blend cycle lane in towards pavement. Provide ramp and pavement markings up to crossing point.


Change surface finish of manhole covers in cycle lanes to high friction type.


7.      There are no markings on pavement to indicate that there is a primary cycle route along the footpath to the pelican crossing.


At the crossing the only indication of route to town centre is on the far side of the road.


fig.8 Cycle path (?!) at Deepdene Station.


fig.9 Cyclists signposting (?) at Deepdene Station

Suggestion: Install cycle lane markings and clearer signposting.


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